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If you’re a hotel or hostel owner, HMS is here to make your life easier. With three dierent types of login-admin,

sta, and tenant makes it possible to manage both your sta and tenants.

Immediately after you login from the admin panel, you can see, on the dashboard, all the essential information

like total number of beds, occupied beds, active tenants, due rent, total bills and expenses etc.

From the bar on the left, you can view all this information in details. For instance, you can view the list of rooms,

beds, tenants and sta, and update or delete any and all entries. You can view and update the occupancy status

of the beds and their rents.

You can view, update, activate, or inactivate the proles of your tenants and sta. You can include important

information about them such as photo id, contact, emergency contact, blood group etc.

You can edit the ‘permissions’ for each sta member to decide which parts of the system they will have

access to. At the same time, you can monitor the sta payroll.

Similarly, you can monitor utility bills and other expenses. You can view which bills have been paid and

which are due. You can also create new categories of bills.

Under Rents, you can generate both single tenant rents and monthly rents. You can view, update, and delete

monthly and all rents by each individual tenant. You can also see the total and due rents of the current month.

Under Account, you can view the total, paid, and due rents, utility bills, sta salaries and revenue of any given year.

You can use Settings to change dierent features of the website such as tagline or logo. You can also update your

own profile, professions and ID types.